snapchat spy

Spy on anyone’s Snapchat chat & Snaps

If you’re looking for an app to spy on someone’s Snapchat account, then you will need our software. We developed the best spy tool for Snapchat to date. You’ve probably been searching for a way to monitor your kids without having to take their phones away from them. Or maybe your spouse has been cheating, and you need some hard evidence. See all their conversations they’ve had and any Snaps they’ve sent privately. Even though these messages are supposed to expire, they can still be accessed. While we were in the testing phases, we hacked many databases. To our surprise, we found more than just Snapchat passwords. There was a storage server keeping logs of snaps and chat messages from regular users.

Remotely access device from your phone or computer

As long as you have an internet connection you can hack any anyone’s account. Do it from any mobile device running Android OS or Apple’s iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) There’s also an option for laptops or desktop computers. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. The desktop software runs no different than the mobile apps. We integrated it to work with Bluestacks. Navigating the program would be done with your mouse instead of your finger.

Save chat logs and private snaps

All the chat details can be viewed and saved. Including the time-stamps of when the message was seen, read, and sent. Emojis also get displayed with the messages that were sent. A key-logger tracks all the msgs that were typed. So if they typed something then deleted it before sending, it’s all recorded in the log which will still be viewable. All the snaps will be downloadable as a jpg or mp4 if it’s a video. Instead of downloading everything one by one, the app will quickly compress and download an archive of the files.

Remain completely anonymous

The hacker has many security measures to keep the user hidden. Advanced encryption is used to send data between the servers and the hacking app. Private and public proxies are set in place to mask the user. The real IP address will never communicate directly with the servers.

Getting started with the Snapchat spy tool is easy. Complete instructions on how to use the hack are included. You can get started by going to the homepage where you will find the download links.